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120ml PackJolly Fat Go-DS Anti Cellulite Oil


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Description (Jolly Fat Go-DS Anti Cellulite Oil)

Introduction :

This oil is combination of rare and precious different types of herbal oil, which has the medicinal properties. Every oil has a different line of action and when together it helps in reducing belly size and fatty deposits. Various types of oil are as follows:- . Dalchini Oil, Kalimirch Oil, Wheat germ Oil, Ajowain, Badam Oil, Nagarmotha Oil, Granthi Oil, Nimbu Oil, Rusmari Oil, Majuphal Oil, Chitraka Oil, Lahsun Oil, Kokum Oil, Jaitton Oil

When oil is massaged for 10-15 minutes then it converts the hard fats in to softer fats and slowly & slowly getting rid of fatty deposits becomes easy. It tones up the body by giving up a better a shape and form, reduces wrinkles and correct stretch marks that appear after pregnancy. It reduces scars from the skin and provides perfect figureJolly Fat Go Ds Capsule and oil when used in a combination are a perfect blend for reducing obesity in a safer and faster way. This blend of herbs in capsules form fights and correct all the reasons that cause obesity from the inside and massaging of oil helps to tone the body and give the desired figure.


  • 2 Capsules twice a day with Luke warm water before meals for 12 weeks.


  • One capsule twice a day. Long term usage of this medicine does not have any side effects.


  • 3-5 ml oil or required quantity to be massaged on the target areas for 10-15 minutes with gentle hands. Apply hot towel on the area in question for 5 . minutes. Not to be uses on burns, boils or open wounds.