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Single UnitEnsurg 400 Pro ESU Machine with 20 Programs



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Description (ENSURG 400 Pro Electrosurgical Unit)

Product Introduction:

Enertech providing it’s widest range of high performance state of the art COST EFFECTIVE Electro Surgical Generators available today in the market. The machines come with Instant Tissue response technology and Tissue impedance measurement systems. These models offer top of the line features like 99 program modes, multiple blend modes, endo cut facility, best monopolar cutting and coagulation performance with precision controlled bipolar output and host of safety features with adherence to EC 60601 guidelines. The range also includes low cost analog models for price conscious customers.

Ensurg 400 Pro is a micro controller based model with all the required features. Full power output at low cost. This is the right model for the customers who required basic 400w micro controller based model.

Performance Features:

Real Time Tissue Response Technology:

Real Time Tissue Response Technology provides surgeons with superior performance at lower powersettings, minimizing the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation.

Patient Plate Return Electrode Monitoring System:

Patient Plate Return Electrode Monitoring System provides instant indication of the quality of contact of the patient plate return electrode. Failure or poor contact results in fault indication with sound alarm which substantially reduces the risk of burn under the patient return electrode.

High Power Efficiency of 97%:

The power efficiency of Enertech generators are the highest in it’s class 97%. This leads to multiple benefits like increased reliability, most compact size, high portability, economy and reduced power consumption.


Max Power 400 watt
Display 7 Segment LED Digital
Programs 20
Monopolar Cut Modes Pure Cut, Blend1, Blend2, Endo Cut
Monopolar Coagulation Modes Spray, Dessicate, Fulgurate
Bipolar Modes Micro, Macro,Cut
Tissue Response Circuit Present
Patient Plate Monitoring System Present
Dimension (WxHxD) & Weight 300 mm x 150 mm x 340 mm & 5.5 kg