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Single UnitNew ABS moulded body, with Piston pump, -700 mm, 25 ltr/min, 1 ltr jar with bacterial filter



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Description (INSTAD New AC Suction Machine)

Product Introduction :

We are India's most reputed and largest manufacturer and exporter of high quality, premium suction units. Our Hi Vacuum suction units have become synonymous with high quality, robust performance & great value for money, the world over. One of the prime reasons for our success as a suction units manufacturer has been the low maintenance cost, over its entire life span.

Technical Features :

Housing ABS Plastic Moulded
Max. Vacuum / LPM -700 mm Hg, 25 Ltrs / min
Pump Type Piston Pump
Jars 1 x 1 Ltrs. PC Jar
Filter Bacterial Filter Autoclavable / Reusable
Tubing 8 mm ID x 2 mtr.(Silicon)
Vacuum Gauge 5 cm dia 0-760 mm Hg.
Power Supply 220 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 90 Watt
Battery N/A
Dimensions 39 x 22 x 22 cms
Noise Level 55 dB A ± 3
Net Weight 4 kg
Overflow Safety Mechanical
Accessories / Optional 1 ltr Disposable Jar with liner and 110 V on request
Certifications CE, IEC 60601-1