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EQ-OC-09Equinox Oxygen Concentrator EQ-OC-09



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Description (Equinox Oxygen Concentrator EQ-OC-09)

  • Equinox's Oxygen concentrator is the best device for oxygen therapy. The efficient portable device provides patients at substantially hihger oxygen concentrations tahn the levels of ambient air.

Key Features:

  • High pressure alarm.
  • Power loss alarm.
  • High temperature compressor shutdown.
  • Low pressure alarm.
  • Current overload shutdown.

Technical Specifications:

Power Consumption 400W Average
Operating Attitude 0-3000M No. degradation in performance
Ambient Humidity Range 30%-75%
Ambient Temperature Range 50°F - 95°F (10°C-35°C)
Concentration Levels 95% ± 3%
Maximum Outlet Pressure 8.5 ± 0.5 psi
Pressure Relief Valve 44psi ± 3psi
Sound Level 48 dBA - 52 dBA