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60 Tablets Himalaya Aashvagandha


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Description (Ashvagandha "Calms nerves, revives mind and body")

Ashvagandha in sanskrit means "smelling like a horse", probably originating from the odor of its fresh root which resembles that of a sweaty horse. Ashvagandha is a well known anti-stress herb. The species name somnifera means "sleep-bearing" in latin, indicating it was considered a sedative, but it has been also used for sexual vitality and as an adaptogen. It is also popularly known as indian ginseng.


A unique herb with anti-stress adaptogenic action that leads to better physical fitness and helps cope with life's daily stress. It increases physiological endurance and protects against effects of stress. It is especially beneficial in stress related disorders such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and premature aging.


  • General debility.
  • As a daily health supplement to cope with life’s daily stress.
  • In the prevention and treatment of many stress related diseases like arteriosclerosis, premature aging, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and malignancy.
  • As an aphrodisiac.


1 Tablet twice a day, before meals.

* Recommended only at the age of 14 years and above. (Since the product is in capsule form, some children below 14 years may have difficulty to swallow.)

Expiry: 3 years from date of manufacture.