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Two Good 850Jaypee Two Good 850 Set of 2 Casserole (850+850) Black



Two Good 1250Jaypee Two Good 1250 Set of 2 Casserole (1250+1250) Black



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Description (Jaypee Two Good 850 Set of 2 Casserole (850+850) Black)

  • Casserole set is made up of food grade materials & stainless steel inside with a thick PUR insulation keeps the food warm for longer hours & retains flavour and temperature of the stored food.
  • Made from premium quality plastic & the unbreakable glass lid makes its opening and closing very easy.
  • Chrome plated panel in single set of two casseroles beautiful & enhances your serving experience.
  • It's also good for gifting purpose.
  • Package Contents: 1-Pc Casserole