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RM-SorenilRomsons Anti Decubitus Air Mattress



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Description (Romsons Sorenil (Bed Sore Air Mattress))

Romsons Sorenil (Bed Sore Prevention Air Mattress) is an easy, cheap and efficient solution to keep bed sores away from short-term patients. It is cost-effective, simple to operate and prevents as well as cures bed sores. Its therapy system reduces pressure effectively at the aching joints and facilitates the flow of oxygen to the body tissues, thereby providing relief to the skin. Its superior designprevents the development of bed sores. Besides, Romsons Sorenil (Bed Sore Prevention Air Mattress) also heals existing bed sores by providing excellent pressure reduction through continuous movement.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Designed for short-term patients
  2. Prevents bed sores through unique design and pressure therapy
  3. Heals bed sores through continuous movement and pressure reduction
  4. Cost effective