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Mist IINIDEK Pulmo-Mist Nebulizer



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Description (Nidek Pulmo-Mist II Nebulizer)

Product Features:

  • It weighs only 1.4 Kgs - among the lightest in the industry
  • Delivers medications quickly and effectively with a Free Flow rate of 10 lpm delivered by a powerful, reliable Piston Driven Compressor
  • Styled better - compact design, rounded corners, integrated carrying handle, built-in nebuliser holder
  • Built-in Safety - patient is protected by a built-in Compressor Relief valve which allows maximum 30 PSI delivery
  • Durable - ABS injection moulded cabinet, damage-proof recessed air outlet, no breakable lids
  • Feel-safe Performance - fully reliable patented motor design by the leader compressor manufacturer in the respiratory industry. Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • User-Friendly - easy to remove re-usable filter; fits any luggage or backpack; blends into any environment; single-button operation
  • Economical - provides big savings in terms of power consumption and price


Model Pulmo-Mist II
Size 15.2cm x 10.1 cm x 17.8 cm
weight 1.4 Kgs
Operating Pressure 30 PSI
Free Air Flow 10Lpm
Compressor Type Piston
Nebulizer Rate 0.3 - 0.35 ml per minute
Electrical Requirements 230V, 50Hz - 0.7amps
Power Consumption 50-60 Watts
Sound Level 55 dBA
Operation Temperature 10 Celsius to 45 Celsius
Altitude Compensation Automatic
Warranty One Year