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Description (Equinox Ultrasonic Nebulizer)

The ultrasonic Nebulizer are used in sick patient therapy by vaporising.
Equinox ultrasonic nebulizer is a devices which is used in sick person's therphy by vaporizing of liquids having soluble condition medicine.
During nebulizing process the liquid turns into vapor by hep of frequencies instead of heating technique.
The frequency whic is made by the microprocessors electronic system is turned into mechanical viberation by help of piezo-ceramic crystal.
With the help of viberation , the liuid in the container is vaporised without heating.
A fan in the nebulizer takes the from outside and is pused into the container holding the liquid. The vapor, which is vaporized continully in the container, is then pushed through the pipe to the sick patient


Voltage : 230v AC,± %10,50Hz
Power : 40W
Electrical Class: TYPE B, CLASS I
Particle Size : 0.5 - 6µm
Crystal operating Frequency: 1.68MHZ±5%
Average Nebulization Rate: 0-5ml/min±10%
Aerosol tank : 300ml(Maximum)
Weight: 3Kg
Operating Temperature Range: 10-40°C
Storage Temperature Range : 10-40°C
Opeartion Type : Continuous