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Size:SmallFlamingo Knee-Cap


Size:MediumFlamingo Knee-Cap


Sizes:LargeFlamingo Knee-Cap


Size:XlFlamingo Knee-Cap


Size:XXlFlamingo Knee-Cap


Size:XXXlFlamingo Knee-Cap


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Description (Flamingo Knee-Cap)

This product is used as a support for weak knee arthritic conditions and sports injury. This product is also ideal to be used for postsurgical rehabilitation care.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Surperior Flexibility
  • Durability for daily wear
  • Made of soft wear that is gentle on the skin
  • Made with extreme care and precaution at our end


Small 27.5-32.5 cms
Medium 32.5-37.5 cms
Large 37.5-42.5 cms
Xl 42.5-47.5 cms
XXL 47.5-52.5 cms
XXXl 52.5- 57.5cms


· Does not leave a mark or an impression on the skin