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Max III SSLife-Line Max III-SS Stethoscope



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Description (Life-Line Max III-SS Stethoscope)

This stethoscope from Life-Line has a stainless chest piece. A dual head and sensitive floatting diaphragm with a non -chilling snap on ring.

Product Name: MAX III SS

(Product ID: STH002)


  • Chest Piece Stainless Steel Dual Head Diaphragm
  • Sensitive Floating Diaphragm, Non-Chilling Snap on ring.
  • Cardiology/General/Paediatric
  • Seven Colors of 2 way Tube with extra Gloss finish.
  • Extra Soft Sealing Ear Knobs.
  • 6 mm Stainless Steel comfortable Head Frame.
  • With Spares/Warranty Card.